About us

Zhilyova founded by Valeria Zhilyova in 2014 reflects her own style, nature and mindset. Each release of the brand explores several different areas, which combination reveals new facets of femininity and freedom. Inspired by a global community of talented, creative women who transcend traditional boundaries, Zhilyova embodies a fundamental freedom: the freedom from conventions and rules. The brand is focused on technology and inclusiveness in all its forms by combining design and craft together.

Valeria Zhilyova - CEO & ARTISTIC DIRECTOR

“We continue to expand the existing boundaries of self-acceptance by producing another lingerie set, so it is extremely important for us to create a versatile line that will glorify all the nuances of the female body and submit the company's values ​​- self-love, comfort and inclusion”.

Valeria Zhilyova


This is Zhilyova