This year Zhilyova yet again surprised us all with the innovative otherworldly campaign dedicated to the winter season.

Inspiration for this campaign has been gathered from the archives of nature itself, snowy unattainable mountains, alpinists, and the forms of natural beauty in all its transitions. The contrasts between thin intricate mesh and harsh strong ropes in the photographs mirror the distinctive varieties of structures in this universe.

First female mountain climbers are also a big emphasis in the development of this campaign. The earliest experiences of women back in 1975 have heavily inspired Zhilyova to visualize the power that went into the mindset and physicality of those alpinists.

This campaign carries a valuable message of the importance of escaping unwanted captivity to achieve the highest good of all. Zhilyova carries the meaning of the cruciality of realizing one’s power and striving to be limitless and becoming a destined goal getter. Therefore, the understanding of the concept of this campaign is a major point in the brand's intentions.

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