We donate 20% of each basic collection purchase to the "Spunbond" charity fund, which helps to fight COVID-19.

The main goal of the Spunbond Foundation is to protect healthcare providers and to resist the further proliferation of COVID-19.

Zhilyova Lingerie Team will make the donation from purchases of this list of models: Unnamed 5, Unnamed 7, Unnamed 8, Unnamed 13, Unnamed 14, Unnamed 16, Unnamed 2.0 Black, Unnamed 2.0 Red, Unnamed 2.0 Beige, Unnamed 2.0 White, Garter Black, Garter Beige, Garter Red, Garter Blue, Ocean Black, Fatality, Porno, Целуй, 100% boy tears, Cannabis, Mood, Send no nudes.

You may learn more about the fund by the link below: